Friday, September 04, 2009

Happenings since last posting...

Savannah loves to pull the pillows off of the couch and this time she made a cool fort with it and was not letting the "bad dinosaur" in. She had a great time with it.

Savannah has a week of firsts. She was at the dentist this week for her first appointment ever. She did a great job and received some help from Heavenly Father (she is holding a bible in the chair).

She also started going to a preschool that 5 other moms and I are doing in our homes. We are focusing on learning the letters of the alphabet. She has enjoyed her two days this week. She is so excited to go to school!

She also had her first eye appointment this week. She had great vision and we are so happy that she didn't inherit my vision!

We are always trying to get a good photo of the kids. It was nice of Grandma to come and assist with holding Aaron up so Savannah could hug him and I could get a good pic. Don't they look alike?

Check out this smile. It was all I could get with my slow cheap camera. He has a great smile and loves to show it off. Love him tons!


Dahlia said...

That's nice that you could go back and take Savannah's photo at the dentist! It's forbidden at our office, so who knows what happens...and she's such a cute girl with her backpack! And Aaron is getting SO BIG! :) too cute!!!

Julie Moore said...

What a perfect little boy! Congratulations, my friend :-).