Saturday, August 22, 2009

I have been not so good lately with posting pictures of our little family. Here are some pictures that I have taken in the last couple of months.

I am FINALLY in some of the pictures on our blog.

Savannah loves to hold Aaron. She will say, "Mommy, can I hold him?" When he begins to fuss she says, "Mommy, take him he is starting to fuss!"

I couldn't resist taking this picture. Savannah decided to cover up Aaron with her blanket. So cute!!! I love when she is affectionate with him.

Getting some cuddle time with Aaron on the couch.

I couldn't resist taking this picture - look at those cheeks!!!
Aaron has really enjoyed taking baths until he has to get out and he gets cold!
Thanks Jana for the great hooded towell.

We were trying to get Aaron to smile and Savannah was wanting a picture with him and she is smiling big for me!


Karolyn said...

What a cute family! Savannah looks like a great big sister!

Dahlia said...

Looks like buddies for life :) I hope he's sleeping a bit better for you...or that you're coping with little sleep!!! You've got a sweet family Tia! :)