Sunday, April 05, 2009

Trampoline Fun!

We were able to go to a birthday where they had this great trampoline. It has a netting around it so the kids don't fall off. After all the big kids got off the little ones were able to get on it. Savannah got on with her little cousin Ava and Brenna. She had a great time playing on it and running around. I wish that I had tons of money to get her all the things that she enjoys!


Allyson said...

check out these wraps..i got one for carter! i loved it!!! i used it to go hiking, disneyland and i can use it still and put him on my back. I tried the sling and i alwas thought he was going to fall out.

they are really comfortable and don't hurt your shoulders or your back. I even have a baby bjorn and i used the wrap over that!

Sarah said...

I remember loving trampolines as a kid... they are truly a timeless toy. I love the name you picked... Aaron Jacob! Just lovely.