Sunday, April 05, 2009

There are a few things that we are needing to do before the baby gets here. We have decided to take them slow and do a little here a little there. One thing I wanted to do was make a sling for him so I can have my hands free to play with Savannah and take care of her. One of my friends had a pattern to make them and made a couple already, so we got together and made a sling. There were 3 of us making a sling and she was supervising. We had 4 little girls and 1 little boy in the house - it was great fun! My house has never been so full before. I loved it! I was exhausted when it was over - I was getting sick and pregnant! Anyway, Savannah has loved putting on the sling and putting the baby in it. She has played with it quite a bit since it was made. My friend is going to make one for her. I can't wait!

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erica said...

Cute!! That's such a good idea to make a sling...and it would probably be a lot better than the one I paid way too much for! :)