Friday, December 12, 2008

Tot Time!
Every couple of months we have a program at the local library called Tot Time. This allows kids to interact with others, hear stories, sing songs, and do crafts. It is a lot of fun for them and Savannah really liked it. However, it is only for kids under 3 and Savannah will turn 3 before the next one starts. This was our last Tot Time. I think I was more upset than Savannah (she doesn't have any idea). We will now move up to the preschool story time. It doesn't have a limit on the size of the group like the Tot Time did, so not sure how Savannah will do with it. She was able to make a gingerbread ornament and had a great time. I think that she only put a few pieces of candy on it so she could eat the rest. She is awful smart!


erica said...

I was just thinking about this the other day, when Maddy and I used to go to Tot Time together. :( Gosh, they grow up fast!

The Schovaers Family said...

You are SO LUCKY to have a great library. I miss it so much. =)