Monday, April 11, 2011

Latest happenings...

We have not done much these past few months. The kids have been sick off and on and we have not done much but hang around the house. So glad that the weather is starting to get nice out. They love to be outside and go for walks. Aaron always asks to go for a "wal." He also has taken on feeding himself more lately, see photo below. He really likes pudding cups and gets some of it in his mouth. Savannah has been doing great at school, other than being sick of course. She is getting excited to start Kindergarten and I am feeling a little sad about it. It will be great for her but it is hard for me to let the first one go and be gone ALL day. Ruby is growing. She is holding her head up really well as you can see in the below photo and loves to look all around her. She is smiling all the time and talking ALOT! She is especially talkative at 7:30-8 in the morning.

Savannah and Aaron love to create tents in the living room by pushing the chairs together and draping blankets over them. Aaron loves to play with Savannah in all things. He even dresses up in tutus and princess dresses. He loves to put on her shoes, even her princess shoes. One day I was painting Savannah's toenails and Aaron would not give up sticking his toes in my face until I painted them as well. We also painted Ruby's toenails too. Poor Aaron stuck between two girls. Is there any hope for him to be manly?

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