Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our traumatic event...

One day Aaron and Savannah were playing the living room while I was making a quick call about our heater (it wasn't kicking on and was a bit chilly in the house). Next thing I know I hear Aaron crying and just assumed that he wasn't getting what he wanted. Then Savannah is yelling, "He's blooding, he's blooding!" I run into the other room to see blood running down his face. After my inner freak out, I got the bleeding to stop and called the doctor, not sure what to do. I asked Savannah what happened and she told me that she was on the couch holding a toy broom and jumped off the couch and hit Aaron in the process with the broom. The wound looked like it may need stitches, but not sure due to my lack of experience in the area. Doc said to take him to the prompt care place right down the street from our house. So off we went, and he needed stitches. He was such a good boy and did well getting his stitches. He cried of course and it was difficult for me to watch and hold him down while he got them and not be able to pick him up and console him. A week later he got them out and they did a fabulous job and it looks so much better. I am sure this won't be our last bout with stitches, but at least not for a while (I hope).

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