Saturday, June 20, 2009

Big Sister!

Savannah loves her baby brother. She is always wanting to hold him until he cries. She wanted to lay with him to watch a movie at the hospital the other day. They look so much alike - at least right now. We love our little kiddos!


erica said...

How precious!! You have BEAUTIFUL kids Tia!

I'm so sad we missed you guys when we were visiting! I wasn't sure if Aaron had come or not yet and wanted to let you have some peace. :) But darn, now I wish we would have gotten together. Next time for sure!! Hope you're feeling well!

Michelle Johnston said...

I cant wait to meet him in person! Hows all the healing and feeding going? Miss you!

Carey said...

They're so cute together!!! What a perfect father's day I'm sure! Keep rested mom!