Monday, February 09, 2009


Savannah has now been in her big girl bed for quite a while. We decided that it was time to get her an actual blanket that fit the bed. We got a good deal on this one and I love the bright colors. She seems to like it.

I have also needed to redecorate her room or her at least her half. She is going to share with the baby when he comes. I redid her letters to match her new bedspread and they are a little smaller than the ones I had originally when she was a baby. I also got this great peg board thing at Hobby Lobby to hang her coats and jackets on. This way she can get them and put them on ALL BY HERSELF! She wanted it to be blue and this way she can share with her brother. Although it doesn't look like much room to share. Just like a girl (so Daddy would say).

It was a lot of fun to make these or paint them actually and super easy! I just wanted to show off my hard work. I love doing stuff like this!

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