Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Miniature Golf

We decided to go out just the three of us. Savannah is getting to the age where she can do more things and it makes it more fun for us. She was having a great time. She wouldn't actually golf, just walk up to the hole and put her ball in. We got her to use the club a few times but she really wasn't into it. Maybe next year. Here are a few shots of our golfing adventure.


erica said...

How fun!! It must be nice now that Savannah's older to go out more and do fun things. Your family's so cute! Hugs!!

Dahlia said...

Hey Tia! I finished my plaque! I guess the upcoming baby has given me a bit of motivation to get stuff done :) I've got it posted on my blog...check it out:


Julie Moore said...

What a fun family activity! Savannah is beautiful :-). I always loved miniature golfing. Julie