Monday, July 07, 2008

Poor little Savannah

Savannah got sick on the 4th and has been sick all weekend. This is how she was - laying on the couch with her blankie. However, most of the time she is sucking on her fingers. We hardly got any sleep over the weekend, she has so much congestion that if she can't sleep nobody sleeps. We are on the uphill climb now and she is doing better, still not feeling good but doing better.


erica said...

Poor Savannah! I hope she is feeling better today. Maddy had the flu a couple weeks ago--it's so hard to watch them when they're so miserable!!

Karolyn said...

Get better soon Savannah! She has a cute little pool-looks like lots of fun! Speaking of swimming-this Saturday is free swim day at lake shawnee-you should go!