Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Tomato Plants!

Jake and I decided to plant a small garden. However, it has been raining like crazy here so we haven't been able to till up the ground, so we decided to plant some tomato plants in pots until we can get the ground tilled and ready for the garden.

Savannah is so helpful these days and we decided to let her help us with the planting. Initially she didn't like the dirt on her hands, but we told her it was okay and that we would wash them when we were done. She was okay with that and continued to help Daddy while I took some photos.

We needed to water the plants and she loved doing this. I was amazed that we all didn't end up wet!


Brent and Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday my dear friend Tia! Happy Birthday to you:)

Hey, I wanted to call...but its 10:30, and even though you are probably awake...I dont want to risk disturbing you:) Hope your day was great! Talk to you soon.

erica said...

Go Savannah! She looks so cute doing her gardening. We miss you guys! I heard it's been raining like crazy there...hope the sun comes out soon. :)

Allyson said...

congrats!! I highly recommend the honda pilot. GREAT CAR and it drives so nice. good in snow too!
it even has heated seats in the front. I can't waite to use those. except i don't know if i need heated seats in vegas!

Topeka Nelsons said...

Savannah is so cute! I love her outfit! This makes me so excited for in a few years (maybe next) when Skyler can "help" with the garden and other stuff. They are such good little helpers eh?!