Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Halloween!

After trick or treating she sat on the floor and dug through her candy. She would pull out a piece and say, "Please!" What have started!?!
We were able to go to "Boo at the Zoo!" for a brief visit. We decided that we won't go again for several years. It was crazy busy and the lines for the candy were ridiculous! Some lines were not even handing out candy but weird things for the parents (like diet stuff). Who hands out diet stuff on Halloween?
Savannah has learned what the moon is and continually points to it and says, "moon." The costume was great! It kept her warm, despite the ears hitting us in the face when we carried her.
Our church did a trunk or treat. It was great! We got lots of candy and didn't have to go door to door in a neighborhood - not that we would have. Next year will be more fun for her and us.

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