Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Topeka has some great things to do around Halloween. We were able to go to Lambert's Pumpkin Patch and just enjoy the beautiful weather outside. There were numerous haystacks for the kids to play on and playground equipment (totally free). The train ride and the hay rack ride were an expense, but minimal. It is nice to get Savannah out to experience things especially when it is so cheap!

Teeter Tauter!
Daddy on one end and Savannah and I on the other. She was more into picking the dried corn off of the cob!

They had this little train made out of a lawn mower and metal barrels. We were worried that Savannah wouldn't go around it by herself, so we asked our great little friend - Jacob, if he would let her ride with him. I hope he isn't getting any ideas about dating or marriage!

At the pumpkin patch they had this tractor that pulled a trailer with hay on it for people to go for a hay rack ride. It took you through the fields of corn, man was it muggy in there. We are lucky that we didn't get blown off!

Man it was windy! I had to hold the swing still to keep her from moving it was so windy.


Shannon said...

Jacob did tell me he needed to find a girl to marry.

Jayme said...

so cute! Looks like you guys had tons of fun! Your hair is so much longer than the last time I saw you. :)