Thursday, October 11, 2007

Deanna Rose Farmstead
We attended a birthday party at this great place! It was absolutely free to get in but cost money to do the extra things like - ride the ponies, bottle feed the baby goats, take a wagon ride, and fishing. However, there were numerous animals around for Savannah to point to and make the sound for. She enjoyed it and I was worried that we wouldn't be able to leave for fear they thought she was on of the animals. They also had tons of play equipment for the kids to play on. We were able to feed baby goats and big goats. Unfortunately we had to leave early due to bad weather coming in but we had a great time.
They had great stuff to play with at the farmstead. Fortunately I am small enough to go on the slide with her. She was not quite big enough to go it alone. (It was a tight fit, though.)

I am sure she is thinking, "This doesn't do anything!" Unfortunately she didn't have long enough legs to make it move. Oh well, makes for a cute photo!

After the wagon ride we got to pet the horses. They were very eager for the attention, it seemed. They were beautiful animals.

Mommy deserved a hug! We took a wagon ride around the farm. She was pretty indifferent about it, but we enjoyed it.

Taking time out to swing. She wanted to do this on every swing and there were lots of swings! Check out he poop on my shoes from the goats!

It was great fun petting the goats. At one point they were so hungry they were nibbling on Jake's shorts and Savannah's pants. Watch out for poo!

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Life's Little Wonders said...

WHere is this place? Looks like so much fun! I am so excited for Skyler to get to the age where he appreciates the animals and stuff!