Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Family & Friends,
As many of you know Savannah was diagnosed with two holes in her heart when she was one month old. We have recently revisited the cardiologist and been informed that one of the holes got smaller and the other is causing her problems. She is not gaining weight like other babies, at her age she should be around 15 pounds, and she is only 12 1/2 pounds. However, this is a direct result of the hole in her heart. The doctors have told us that she needs to have this hole closed via surgery. She will be going to Children's Mercy in Kansas City in the next couple of weeks to undergo surgery. They tell us that the risk is minimal and we should not be worried. She will stay in the hospital for a couple of days, we assume. They would of liked to do it through a catheter, however she is so small that it may not work. So, she will be getting an incision under her left arm and they will be closing the hole in her heart. Once this is done she will be able to gain weight and not have any more difficulties for the rest of her life - or so we are told. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as our family goes through this ordeal. We are very confident that she will have an effective surgery and speedy recovery.
Much love,
Jacob & Tia

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